Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Radio Controlled Licenced 1:18 BMW X5 Sports

This amazing realistic radio controlled fully licensed 1:18 scale BMW X5® 4 x 4 will provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. Its realistic features mean that this radio controlled car is just a scaled down version of the real thing. The easy to use hand held remote control allows you to fully control the movements of the car - Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Forward, Reverse and Stop. The BMW X5 is 1:18 scale and measures approx 25cm x 10cm x 10cm. The car is sturdy and hard wearing and will make a great gift. Product Batteries: Car 4pcs AA (not included) Controller Batteries: 1pc 9V battery (not included). Suitable for ages 6+

Technical Details

* 1:14 Scale Fully Licensed BMW X5® 4x4 radio controlled model car
* Easy to use controls - Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Forward, Reverse and Stop
* Excellent model detailing, cool privacy effect windows, and working front and rear lights.
* Independent Suspension with alloy effect true to model rims and low profiles.
* Please note colour may vary - Black, Blue or Silver will be supplied. Fully assembled and ready to race.

You can buy this car

The car has working lights and performs very well but was beaten on our drag race by the Nissan. The remote control is simple to work and has a reasonable range even on cheap and nasty batteries it last a long time on one set

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