Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Radio Controlled 1:14 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z

Radio Controlled 1:14 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z
Radio Controlled 1:24 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z
1 Moves forward, backwards, reverse,right and left
2.Remote distance: approx 50meters
3.Product battery:5x1.5v AA (not included)
4.Controller battery: 9V (not included)
5.Frequencies: Mixed
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The first thing you notice about this car is its stunning features its a scale model that has fantastic details as you can see in these pictures the dashboard is like a real car and even the wheel you can see the brake disk

Many people will buy this car and keep it just for display its that good. We however took it out of the box and gave it a good road test. We tested it in a drag race against a BMW and it one every time. The remote is simple to operate with a trigger for acceleration and a big knob to steer. Even a child could use it and have lots of fun and its a big boys toy as well. The range on the remote was good and the radio control worked well. If you want more than one you can get this car with different frequencies so you can race them.

The car is available in different scale models 1:14 or 1:24 this is a great car at a reasonable price. We tested with really cheap batteries 10 for a pound and they lasted well so a good quality battery or rechargeables would give a good hours play time

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