Tuesday 13 July 2010


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buggy 030

Radio Controlled 4x4 Off-Road Speed Buggy - Boost

This will suprise you! amazing handling, acceleration and speed



Gear Ratio:8.133:1
Ground clearance:26mm
Battery:7.2V,1800mAH(Ni-MH)or above

Powerful RC540 Motor
Aluminum Centre Transmission Shaft
Front/Rear Differential Gear
Suspension Arms With Adjustable Width
Four Wheel Drive System
SP-03018 Electronic Speed Control Provides Quick response
Aluminium Radio Tray
Durable Knobby Off Road Ties

Please note, if you plan on running multiple products together, ask for multiple frequencies when ordering to avoid any mix ups, Colours also vary.

We tested this car and its Wicked a sturdy well built car that's lots of fun fro drifting or stunt driving. We liked the wheel spin on loose soil as you can see in the photo below its so fats you can get lots of wheel spin from a standing start

When it came to stunts this RC Car was tuff as old boots and took off from ramps like a rocket and as the skin is bendy plastic no harm came to it its really a tough RC Car. It will drive on most surfaces be it grass dirt or tarmac and due to its speed it can rump ramps really well

buggy 054

You will have hours of fun with this car and the speed is very good with simple to operate Remote Control anyone can use it. The construction is exhalant and its very well put together with real springs for suspension and powerful motor. It has good range on the Remote Control and the batteries last a long time.


This baby is a boys toy for boys of all ages from 7 to 70


Thursday 24 June 2010


Radio Control HSP Off-Road 4x4 Monster Truck -Torche

The New and improved Torche Truck. This thing really is great, amazing speed an acceleration!


Length: 400mm

Width: 300mm

Height: 160mm

Gear Ratio:10.3:1
ground clearance:30mm
Battery:7.2V,1800mAH(Ni-MH)or above

Aluminum centre drive joint
Large solid shock towers

Powerful monster front/rear suspensions
High performance front/rear differentials
Extra large anodized aluminum radio tray
Powerful RC540 motor with anodized aluminum heatproof guard cover
High precise measurement SP03018 ESC
Eight oil filled aluminum capped shocks
Anti-skid off road knobby tires and smart wheel rims
Width enforced front/rear bumper

Transmitter and charger included

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This truck is something else made from the finest quality as you can see in the above pictures it has perfect suspension and even front an rear it has suspension buffers. These act like a train buffers so if you do crash the springs take the force and leave the car in tact. Even the engine has a cooler on it so it doesnt overheat and the whole design is robust.

The body is flexible plastic so it doesnt break it just bend with any crash. Its a true go anywhere car with big wheels it can tackle most terrain and fast its one of the fastest cars we have tested. The range on the transmitter is very good even without the antenna fitted on the car it was controllable at great distances .

This car will give hours of fun for everyone from young to old and plenty of speed for racing and as you can get other crystals you can have more than one car going at a time.
With built in rechargeable batteries there is no need for expensive batteries all the time. This is a must have gadget its just a toss up which is faster this or the drift car and there is only one way to find out buy both

Friday 18 June 2010


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Features: Ready-To-Fly straight out of the box. Full Function 4 Channels Remote Controlled Intelligent RC System Up, Down, Left, Right , Forward and Backward. 360 degree exact directional Precise controlling and hoveringx With Flashing lights during flight. Altitude & Rotor Speed Control Real Helicopter Performance 3.7V Lithium-Polymer (Li-Poly) 1000mAh Rechargeable Battery Flight Stabilizing System with adjustable trimming control Charging Time approx. 150 Minutes Approximately 10 minutes flight time Flight Range Approx. 100 ft Main Rotor Surface Diameter: Approx 300mm Length: Approx. 320mm Height: Approx. 156mm Motor: N50 ×2 Suitable for Indoor flight or outdoor with NO wind

This really is a crazy Copter you think a little thing like this wont do much but this baby heads for heaven you can see in the above photo a few seconds and its up with the angels.
It took no time for it to get above the houses on a test flight and tuff even when you panic its going for the moon and kill it and it smashes down to earth from a great height it doesn't get damaged which is amazing.

It has flashing lights which would look good at dusk they may put those on in case it gets in the way of an aircraft it flys that high. Any one over 11 would love this and have great fun playing with it and I am over 60 and had hours of fun testing it so a good one for gramps

Sunday 6 June 2010

Rc Stunt Car

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Scale: 1:64 Size: 7*5.5*4.5cm Boxsize: 13*13.2*8cm Sprial spins!! Amazing flip over! Goes forward/backward; Turn left/right! Clear ball packing with color box. Battery for vechicle:1.2V, 50mAH Ni-Cd batteries setted inside

Battery for transmitter: 4pcs AA batteries needed(not included) Charging time: 15 minutes; Playing time: 5 minutes Controlling distance: 8 meters Frequency: 27mhz,40mhz and 49mhz.

This is a crazy little car and thats its beauty as you can take it anywhere in to work on the train its small and goes anywhere. Its great fun to drive and it spins flips and does trick. It all comes in its own little transporter with everything built in to the box like controls and charger so it a nice little package

Monday 24 May 2010

1/16 R/C Drift Car

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1/16 R/C Drift Car:

Gear Ratio:10.6:1
Ground clearance:8mm
Net Weight:800g
Battery:7.2V,1100mAH(Ni-MH) or 7.2V 1500mAH
1.Four wheel drive system
2.Excellent front/rear camber and toe-in setup
3.Powerful rc 380 motor
4.Anodized aluminum centre long drive shaft
5.High performance front/rear differentials
6.Stable suspension arms & solid front/rear shock tower
7.Oil filled aluminum capped shocks
8.Precise steering fitting delivers quick response.
9.High precision SP03018 electronic speed control(ESC)
10.Complete ball bearings for a smooth and an efficient drive
11.High performance anti-skid drift tires,chrome plated spoke rims & pre-mound drift wheels
12. 7.2V 1100mAh Ni-MH battery power
13.Extra large front bumper foam provides protection against sudden impacts.

14.Long body post for adjusting body level

This is really the ultimate boys toy and superbly made with fine details and lots of things you can adjust like a real drift car as you can see in the photo below you can set the height of the car body and adjust the steering and more.

The quality of the car is exultant and you can have any hours fun drifting with this car. It has rechargeable batteries so you dont need to buy loads of extra ones. You can change the frequencies so you can race one or more cars and if you cant afford a real drift car then this is the toy for you

Tuesday 18 May 2010

Radio Controlled Licenced 1:18 BMW X5 Sports

This amazing realistic radio controlled fully licensed 1:18 scale BMW X5® 4 x 4 will provide hours of entertainment for adults and children alike. Its realistic features mean that this radio controlled car is just a scaled down version of the real thing. The easy to use hand held remote control allows you to fully control the movements of the car - Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Forward, Reverse and Stop. The BMW X5 is 1:18 scale and measures approx 25cm x 10cm x 10cm. The car is sturdy and hard wearing and will make a great gift. Product Batteries: Car 4pcs AA (not included) Controller Batteries: 1pc 9V battery (not included). Suitable for ages 6+

Technical Details

* 1:14 Scale Fully Licensed BMW X5® 4x4 radio controlled model car
* Easy to use controls - Forward/Backward, Left/Right, Forward, Reverse and Stop
* Excellent model detailing, cool privacy effect windows, and working front and rear lights.
* Independent Suspension with alloy effect true to model rims and low profiles.
* Please note colour may vary - Black, Blue or Silver will be supplied. Fully assembled and ready to race.

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The car has working lights and performs very well but was beaten on our drag race by the Nissan. The remote control is simple to work and has a reasonable range even on cheap and nasty batteries it last a long time on one set

Radio Controlled 1:14 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z

Radio Controlled 1:14 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z
Radio Controlled 1:24 LICENSED NISSAN 350Z
1 Moves forward, backwards, reverse,right and left
2.Remote distance: approx 50meters
3.Product battery:5x1.5v AA (not included)
4.Controller battery: 9V (not included)
5.Frequencies: Mixed
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The first thing you notice about this car is its stunning features its a scale model that has fantastic details as you can see in these pictures the dashboard is like a real car and even the wheel you can see the brake disk

Many people will buy this car and keep it just for display its that good. We however took it out of the box and gave it a good road test. We tested it in a drag race against a BMW and it one every time. The remote is simple to operate with a trigger for acceleration and a big knob to steer. Even a child could use it and have lots of fun and its a big boys toy as well. The range on the remote was good and the radio control worked well. If you want more than one you can get this car with different frequencies so you can race them.

The car is available in different scale models 1:14 or 1:24 this is a great car at a reasonable price. We tested with really cheap batteries 10 for a pound and they lasted well so a good quality battery or rechargeables would give a good hours play time