Sunday, 6 June 2010

Rc Stunt Car

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Scale: 1:64 Size: 7*5.5*4.5cm Boxsize: 13*13.2*8cm Sprial spins!! Amazing flip over! Goes forward/backward; Turn left/right! Clear ball packing with color box. Battery for vechicle:1.2V, 50mAH Ni-Cd batteries setted inside

Battery for transmitter: 4pcs AA batteries needed(not included) Charging time: 15 minutes; Playing time: 5 minutes Controlling distance: 8 meters Frequency: 27mhz,40mhz and 49mhz.

This is a crazy little car and thats its beauty as you can take it anywhere in to work on the train its small and goes anywhere. Its great fun to drive and it spins flips and does trick. It all comes in its own little transporter with everything built in to the box like controls and charger so it a nice little package

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